The Exposure Photography Festival Yearbook 2020 Award Winner

I was very fortunate and delighted to be selected as the winner of the Exposure Photography Festival YEARBOOK 2020 award. 

“Samuel Fradley’s A Handshake with a Martian is a fascinating exploration of the British UFO phenomena. From visiting Britain’s Area 51 to meeting Alien Bill, through Samuel’s photography we follow him on his unique journey and are able to see the places and meet the people he encounters. What is usually seen as a mostly American mystery, is bought to Samuel’s home in this very British depiction of UFO history and continued contemporary dialogue about this phenomenon or controversy. Through this extensive photo narrative and collection of official declassified documents, A Handshake with a Martian encourages the viewer to experience the same inner curiosity that continues to fuel Samuel’s work and the viewers attachment to his investigation.” – Beth Kane

A huge thanks to Beth Kane for choosing me.