The South West Collective

In July 2018 I founded The South West Collective of Photography Ltd.

The South West Collective of Photography is a company dedicated to promoting photography and art as a medium in the South West of England. The Collective aims to one day open a educational and creative space for artists to learn, grow, work and adapt as creative individuals.

In order to achieve these goals, we promote photographers, artists, students and graduates online and via Instagram on a multimedia platform. We also operate as an agency, finding work for students, graduates and filmmakers, as well as undertaking projects ourselves. The Collective also sells photographic accessories such as Film, Camera Straps, Camera Cases and much more.

The Collective hosted its inaugural exhibition called Visual Storytelling in February 2020.

I know how difficult the industry is and I also know how heavily it’s based in London. It’s time to bring that industry South and showcase the almighty wealth of talent we have here.

Instagram: @thesouthwestcollectiveltd